Fun Blazor
dotnet tool install -g Fun.Blazor.Cli


  1. Add any third party blazor components like AntDesign to your application and build in debug mode to pull the nuget packages


     Add this empty attribute to below you will get the default generating settings
     Will generate code in namespace of the package name (AntDesign), with computation style
     <PackageReference FunBlazor="" Include="AntDesign" Version="0.8.2" />

    FunBlazorNamespace: Give namespace

    FunBlazorStyle: Feliz | CE, this will override the settings in the commandline

  1. Run the command

    fun-blazor generate ./YourApplication.fsproj

    By default, code will be generated in the Fun.Blazor.Bindings folder. All the binding types are in lowercase

    -o|--outDir: Customize the generated folder name

    -s|--style: Customize the style (Feliz | CE)

  1. Enjoy it

    CE style (You need set LangVersion to preview for your project, because CustomOperation override is in preview):

    open Fun.Blazor
    open MudBlazor
    let alertDemo =
        MudCard' [
            MudAlert'() {
                Icon Icons.Filled.AccessAlarm
                childContent "This is the way"

    Feliz style

    open Fun.Blazor
    open MudBlazor
    let alertDemo =
        mudCard.create [
            mudAlert.create [
                mudAlert.icon Icons.Filled.AccessAlarm
                mudAlert.childContent "This is the way"